Design Process

Christy O’Connor Jnr Golf Design offers a complete architectural design service, working closely with the client from initial site analysis through to the planning and construction stages and right up to the official opening of the golf course.


Site Analysis

Christy O’Connor Jnr and his team will undertake a detailed

study of the land which will include an initial environmental

impact review, and an examination of soil conditions, water

features/wetlands, topographic features and vegetation.

During the stage it is also important to establish the clients’

needs and objectives.


Routing Plan

Once the site analysis is complete an initial routing plan of

the golf course and the location of any associated

developments will be carried out. This plan provides a

working drawing with which to begin the developmental

stages of the project.



This will show the final golf course layout, location of the clubhouse and maintenance facilities, road and infrastructure layout. It will show the precise design elements, difficulty and style of the golf course features that will give the layout its personalised character. An illustrative copy of the detailed design will then be provided for planning purposes.


Design Documentation

Prepare necessary contract documents, plans and specifications to allow the project to be tendered. These will include documents such as grading, clearing, grassing and irrigation plans. It is at this point the Christy will assist with the appointment of a contractor.


Construction Phase

During this phase Christy will assist in the development of an accurate construction programme. He will carry out regular site inspections coordinated to coincide with key phases of the work.  The supervisory visits are an essential part of the design process and help to ensure that the course is built to the character and quality intended during the design.  


Post Construction Services

Christy will make visits and consultations with the client and golf course superintendent during the grow-in period. He will also assist with the publicity of the golf course and be present and participate in the grand opening.


Environmental Practices

Christy O’Connor Jnr and his team promote a more sustainable approach to golf course development. Golf has often been criticized for its impact on the environment but with careful site selection, design, construction and best practice management decisions, golf courses can  actually protect and add to the environment . As a result Christy spends a considerable amount of time during the design process to utilize the greatest number of trees, shrubs and landscape in their natural state rather than removing them. Indeed he will bring many of these features into play whilst shaping the golf course. His main objective is to create something natural and beautiful that will stand the test of time.


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